On Earth As It Is In Heaven

The Mission is one of my all-time favorite movies. It tells the story of Jesuit missionaries caught in conflict between Native Latin Americans and European slave traders. Set deep in the Amazon jungle in the […]


Olympic Refugee Team

The Olympic games: athletes from countries all over the world performing incredible athletic feats! The world watches. We hear heartwarming stories about perseverance, drive and dreams coming true. Everyone cheers for their nation, their flag, […]


Get Vaccinated to Protect the King

Would you get the COVID vaccination to protect your king or president?  Apparently, if you are Bhutanese, the answer is “yes.”   High in the Himalayan mountains, 23,000 feet above sea level, the tiny nation of […]


Christmas Around the World!

How do you celebrate Christmas? Though the holiday is observed around the world – its not the same everywhere. You might not recognize the holiday in some places. Here are some examples: