Cultural Change in the Corona Age

Dreaming of a Post-Pandemic Reality

They closed the Smokies! As an avid hiker, I can hardly stand it! And that is just the beginning of the disruption we are all suffering through. Personal health and hygiene, institutions of business, education, religion, politics, recreation, basic social etiquette… so many realms of culture are impacted. We suffer, wondering when things will return to normal. Or… will they? Will things ever really return to normal? Could this experience alter our culture for generations to come?

Cultures are change resistant. It’s a fact. We don’t usually like it when our way of life, our culture, is disrupted. At the same time, its also a fact that cultures adjust and adapt over time. It happens out of necessity, as a matter of survival, normally due to an unforeseen external threat. This is exactly the scenario we find ourselves in now. Because of COVID-19, our way of life is being changed right before our eyes. I’m asking, what will post-pandemic life be like? How will it change culture?


  1. Maybe “normal” is over-rated, and we’d benefit from taking some time and thought before jumping back in. And guess what? It looks like we’ve still got plenty of time.

  2. I believe that I will keep most things the same, EXCEPT that I cannot do this with my parents or brother (Scott) who has cancer. So with them, I will be wearing a mask and gloves until there is either a cure or a vaccine. That is a real bummer. I usually ski with Scott weekly in the Summer. We will probably continue to do that, but it will be very awkward. Blessings to all.

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