Post-Pandemic Predictions

News Flash: This pandemic shall pass! And when it has, what will stick?  Will we maintain some of our newly acquired habits?  Will certain regulations be established to protect society from another pandemic?  How will the world change?   I’ve brainstormed a few Post-Pandemic Predictions below.  What do you think about the likelihood of them coming true?

  1. Face masks will become common in public places.
  2. Proof of corona vaccination will be required to attend school, concerts, sports events, and to travel internationally.
  3. Bowing will replace handshaking.
  4. Voting will be conducted online or by mail but not in voting booths.
  5. We will be subjected to regular “epidemic-drills.”
  6. Robots will provide service at restaurants.
  7. Smartphones will have personal identification chips including medical data to enable digital “contact tracing” when necessary.
  8. China will emerge as the strongest economic power in the world.
  9. The word “smize” (smiling with your eyes) will make it into Webster’s dictionary as a verb and noun.
  10. Other… what do you predict?

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