It’s a global village.  Most of us encounter people of another culture everyday.  Whether you’ve moved to a new place or have friends, neighbors and co-workers from somewhere else in the world, Culture-Navigator serves to help you navigate and connect across cultures.

My name is Bob Mackey. I’ve been involved in cross-cultural work for most of my adult life. I have traveled to 32 countries and lived in Eastern Europe for 10 years. I’ve collected the concepts and ideas you find on this blog from many sources, over many years. I’ve mulled these things over, and now give them a fresh expression.

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee where I serve the immigrant and refugee community as part of the International Neighborhood Network. As I walk alongside friends of this community, I am continually challenged by cultural differences. Not challenged that they exist, but challenged as to how we can navigate through them effectively. I make it my aim to pass on intercultural skills to my immigrant friends as they attempt to understand and integrate into life in the United States.

Bob is is available to coach, consult and teach on intercultural understanding and cultural adjustment.

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